Frequently Asked Questions

My employer has worker's comp insurance. Why do I need medical insurance?

You should not assume your employer's worker’s comp coverage will cover all of your medical expenses.
 Doctor and hospital health care costs in the U.S. and abroad can cost you thousands in additional out of pocket expenses.

What is covered?

  • Doctors
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency room
  • Emergency Medical Facility

Am I covered when I'm not working?

Yes, there is coverage when you are not working and extreme sports participation coverage is included in the plan.

What do I pay out of pocket?

  • Your deductible
  • Your co-pay
  • Coverage is generally 100% to plan maximum.

Is there a minimum or maximum period of time that can I purchase coverage for?

You can purchase coverage from 1 month up to 12 months.

Can I extend my coverage?

Yes. Please contact us for help in extending your coverage.

Can I purchase online?

Yes. If you choose to purchase the quote that you've been issued you may pay online with your credit card.

Is coverage available in all U.S. States?

No. Some states may be excluded. Please contact us for additional information.

Can you explain pre-existing conditions and are they covered?

Medical expenses resulting from pre-existing conditions may not be eligible depending
 on the provisions of the plan. For a complete definition of pre-existing conditions, please 
click on exclusions under the program you have selected.

When is coverage effective?

The plan you select will state when coverage is effective. Most plans begin the date you 
elect to purchase coverage and you have paid the premium to the plan.

What if I have questions about my plan and/or a claim?

Please contact the 800 number on the back of your ID card for claim forms, claims submission process, etc. Be sure to save all receipts and paperwork from doctors , hospitals, clinics, ambulances, prescriptions, emergency medical facilities etc.




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